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or the past 100 years, African-American and other minority leaders have been decrying the adverse impact that mass immigration - especially illegal immigration - has on their communities.

UPDATE: See further below, for immigration's impact on Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Scott Presler with protest sign: Blacks before illegals!

Blacks for Equal Rights - protest sign
 Blacks for Equal Rights Taskforce (BFERT)

New Report:
Burden of Illegal Immigration falls most heavily on urban Blacks

Coretta Scott King

The Black Leadership Forum, when led by Corretta Scott King and Walter Fauntroy (D-DC), lobbied for employer sanctions

See their letter! (PDF)

Dr. Claud Anderson
Dr. Claud Anderson - POWERNOMICS!

Harvest Institute

Respected Scholar Explains How Immigration Harms Blacks

The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment Opportunities of Black Workers - US Commission on Civil Rights
US Commission on Civil Rights: The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment Opportunities of Black Workers

| Full Report |

Black member of US Commission on Civil Rights
: Illegal Immigration Hurts Blacks the Most

Black and Hispanic Americans

Immigration impacts minorities the most.

Barbara Jordan spoke on immigration at the United We Stand America (UWSA) conference
US Commission on Immigration Reform:
The Hon. Barbara Jordan was appointed to Chair the Commission.

| Summary |

| Full Reports |

Mass Immigration Hurts Minorities

How Illegal Immigration Hurts Black America, The Root
Cord Jefferson: It's just not true that they're doing the jobs we won't do. (Also see NPR story.)

Immigration Hurts Blacks, Chicago Sun-Times
Liberal columnist Monroe Anderson on how immigration impacts African-Americans.

University of Chicago Magazine: INVESTIGATION
The other side of deportation.

Group Most Likely to Benefit from Enforcement is Black Men, LA Times
The Hon. Dave Seminara is a distinguished diplomat.

Immigration Enforcement and the Impact on Black Workers, FL Courier
Clarence V. McKee, Esq. writes. The Florida Courier is an African-American publication. - NEW!

The Adverse Impact of Immigration on Minorities
Dr. Norm Matloff (UC-Davis) outlines the facts. [PDF here.]

Harvest Institute: Immigration Harms Native Blacks
Report from the Institute led by the distinguished Dr. Claud Anderson.

Amnesty for Illegals Will Severely Hurt African-Americans, AfricanGLobe
U.S. Civil Rights Commissioners warn about amnesty's impact.

Black Leaders Should Ask How Immigration Reform Affects Black Unemployment, The Root
Until they do, writes Lauren Victoria Burke, they’ll be out of step with many of the constituents they claim to represent.

Guest Worker Program Would Hurt Black Americans, Independent Sentinel
Black farmworkers are being discriminated against!

Could Immigration Reform Plan Hurt Black Workers?, NPR
National Public Radio discusses the problem.

Immigration Reform Creates Tension Among Working-Class African-Americans, The American Prospect
Also see Jamelle Bouie's prior piece on this issue.

Black Leaders to CBC: Immigration Reform Will Hurt Black Workers
Black leaders from across ideological spectrum write to Congressional Black Caucus.

Immigration Reform Will Hurt Black Americans the Most, The Examiner
Bipartisan group of Black leaders say amnesty will harm African-American workers.

Mass Immigration Hurts Black America the Most, National Economics Editorial
   NEW! Article by Spencer P. Morrison.

African-Americans and Immigrant Workers, Solidarity
   NEW! A socialist perspective.

Between Blacks and Immigrants [PDF]
Article by the very distinguished Jacquenlyne Johnson Jackson.

Immigration Amnesty
Will Hurt Obama's Most Loyal Supporters, Fox News
African-Americans will be harmed by the President's Executive Order.

Immigrants vs. Blacks, Black Enterprise
Article from Black Enterprise.

Professor Carol M. Swain headshot----------
Illegal Immigration Hurts African-Americans, Vanderbilt University News
The distinguished Dr. Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University debates immigration.

Impact of Immigration on African Americans, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy
Scholarly journal article about the harm of neoliberal immigration policies to African-Americans.

Cesar Chavez opposed mass immigration

Illegal Immigration Hurts Hispanics
, Rocky Mountain News
Waldo Benavidez is an advocate for the poor.
See his NY Times profile.

Illegal Immigration Displaces & Undercuts Hispanic Americans, American Spectator
Many Hispanics recognize the harm of illegal immigration.

Hispanic Americans Speak Out Against Illegal Immigration
Also see this CNN report. A growing number of Hispanic Americans are speaking out against illegal immigration.

Latinos Want a Tighter Border, Too, LA Times
Jesse Laguna provides a Hispanic perspective.

Some Immigration Hurts Latino Youth
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) helped stop the last amnesty.

Dreams Denied: Amnesty Harms Unemployed Black and Hispanic Americans, Huffington Post
This goes against Dr. MLK's dream.

Illegal Immigration Hurts Low-Wage Minorities, Inger Eberhart
OP-ED from an African-American member of the Dustin Inman Society.

Illegal Immigration Hurts Lower Skilled Citizens and Immigrants
  From the U.S. House Judiciary Committee

Many Asian-Americans Want Immigration Cut
Yeh Ling-Ling comments.

Amnesty Would Hurt Legal Immigrants, Baltimore Sun
An immigrant explains why Obama's immigration plan is offensive.

Sustainable Immigration Would Also Help Immigrants
Yeh Ling-Ling shares how reducing immigration would benefit immigrants.

Many Asians, Hispanics, Blacks Oppose Mass Immigration
The Washington Post takes notice.

Dissenting Voices on Immigration
The San Francisco Examiner takes notice.

Growing Unease for Some Blacks on Immigration
The New York Times takes notice.

The Immigration Lie
Cedric Welch-Muhammad is the President of Black Electorate Communications.

Polls Don't Capture Blacks' Intense Debate over Immigration
Earl Ofari Hutchison changes his tune, after an outpouring of opposition to illegal immigration, from his readers.

Immigration and Black Americans
  Issues & Views is an African-American publication.

Who is Hurt?
Mass immigration harms poor and Black Americans.

Judge Mathis show logo
Black People Want Work, Too, Judge Mathis
The very-Honorable Greg Mathis provides perspective. Full article here.

Hey Y'all; When is the March for Black Folks?
Prof. James Clingman also provides perspective, after the marches for illegal immigration.

Throughout U.S. History, Immigration Surges Have Harmed Black Workers
News release from the African-American organization Project 21.

La Raza acknowledges that Illegal Immigration harms Latinos & Immigrants
Quote from Cecilia Muņoz, when asked about illegal immigration's impact on Blacks.

Amnesty for Illegals Discriminates Against True Immigrants
Legal Immigrants First!

Amnesty for Illegals is Biased
Latin Americans would benefit from amnesty at a rate 30 times greater than non-Latins!

U.S. Immigration Policy Discriminates Against Asians and Africans, SF Gate
Amnesty for illegals would discriminate against immigrants.

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"Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are!"
Booker T. Washington's famous
1895 "Atlanta Compromise Speech"

Check out this pertinent paper, about immigration and Black America.
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Check out these clips!

Mass Immigration vs. Black Americans

"Law & Order"- Anthony Anderson's character comments on illegals' impact in South Central.

MUST SEE!  Chanell Temple on
African-Americans vs. Illegal Aliens

Ad featuring the former director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Ice Cube raps about Jamiel Shaw & other crime victims

Learn more about Jamiel Shaw, and support "Jamiel's Law"

Barbara Jordan was appointed to Chair the US Commission on Immigration Reform
US Commission on Immigration Reform:
Renowned civil rights leader Barbara Jordan on why reducing total immigration will help immigrants.

Immigration harms Affirmative Action for Minority Americans

The Adverse Impact of Immigration on Minorities

[Here is a PDF of the report.]

Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages & Employment Opportunities of Black Workers

| Full Report (PDF) |

Scott Presler with protest sign: Blacks before illegals!

Rev. Jesse Jackson:
Foreign tech workers are taking jobs and worsening Silicon Valley's diversity problem