Aakash Raut on Bloggers Row at CPAC   Aakash Raut with Newt Gingrich at the Republican National Convention   Aakash Raut with Ann Coulter at CPAC

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Aakash Raut with Fred Thompson, when the soon-to-be presidential candidate made a surprise appearance at the last CRNC Biennial Convention (2007)

Aakash Raut with former FBI Agent and whistleblower Gary Aldrich, at CPAC 2006

Aakash Raut with Newt Gingrich, at the 2008 Republican National Convention

Aakash Raut & the UIS College Republicans in front of the U.S. Capitol, at the 2005 Inauguration 

Aakash Raut with John McCain, at an event he attended as part of the 2006 CRNC Field Program

Aakash Raut with conservative commenator Michelle Malkin, at the first-ever CLP Conference (at the Leadership Institute's national headquarters, April 2005)

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