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Aakash Raut at Oberweis Dairy, after attending a "VIP" event with First Lady Laura Bush, as part of the CRNC Field Program (Election 2006); what a day that was!

Aakash Raut helping guide U.S. Congressman Ray LaHood on a tour of the expanding UIS campus. Leslie Reliford, who served under Aakash as the the UIS CR Women's Outreach Coordinator, also helped lead this tour.

Aakash Raut at the Ronald Reagan Garden at Eureka College. The former President passed away five days after Aakash's first term as UIS CR Chairman began, and Aakash helped arrange a gathering of IL College Republicans at this site, the following evening.  This photo appeared the next day, on the front page of the Peoria Journal-Star, and elsewhere in the national media (AP wire).

Aakash Raut with Reggie Jones, at the first CLP Conference (2005) at the Leadership Institute's national headquarters (in Arlington, VA)

Aakash Raut at the 2008 GOP National Convention, with the CRNC group (plus one person who we'd later find out was a spy!)

Aakash Raut with some of the CRNC group, at CivicFest, during the 2008 GOP National Convention

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